Hidden Identity is a project that comments on identity and allows viewers to look within themselves and relate to the images on the wall. Essentially the models are stand-ins for the imagery, but the project isn’t about them specifically, more so they act as examples (i.e. a family man, a young woman, a friend, etc.). A traditional or candid full-color portrait of each of them is juxtaposed next to a black and white portrait that is blurred due to a slow shutter speed. This is meant to distort their face and refer to their mentality and state of mind. People can seem happy and healthy, but they have a hidden identity behind the scenes that holds an entirely different story. Mental illness, as well as everyday troubles, affects everyone in various ways whether it is noticeable to other people or not. The intention here is to have viewers look at these images and see part of themselves in this concept of hidden identity. Whether they relate to it or not, the occurrence of a sort of inner reflection, or at the very least some reflection on how they view others in their own lives is the goal. This show is not about myself, rather something very important to me and a topic I think deserves to be discussed. Portraying mentality and identity is a topic that intrigues me and that I can connect with; I wanted to pull from a more personal place rather than a definition of any mental disorders, as it creates a sense that is more real and emotionally raw.
This solo show was displayed in April of 2021 at Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology (BCAT).
Check out some of the work below:
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